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Taking care of abandoned & abused animals


In July 2011, three months after the launch of our Facebook Car Boot page, we realised there was a need for a website. Our aim was to raise money via donation tins to help feed dogs needing help in Axarquia. One lady had rescued 23 dogs, but was struggling to feed and care for them, let alone re-home them. She is now one of our “Foster Mums”.

From just one donation tin we collected €90 in a month, which fed 29 dogs. From there our "Little Group With A Big Heart” grew daily, unfortunately not only with more members, but also with abused and abandoned dogs and cats needing to be rescued. Dogs living on the side of busy roads, puppies left to starve or tied in bags by bins, a feral cat that had lost her leg in a trap.... The list is endless.

So we formed our Association, with the objectives of helping animals in crisis and offering support to the people who care for them. We don’t have a refuge but work hard to find foster or forever families. We support foster carers and forever families in practical ways by helping with food and vet fee.

We aim to help, funds willing, with set-up costs for animals waiting to be re-homed, covering immunisation, neutering, collars, etc. In these difficult times, knowing that there's help with these costs makes all the difference.

If you would like to get involved, even if it's just distributing food or taking animals to the vet or becoming a “Foster Parent”, please Contact Us.

Get Involved!

We need your help, and here's how you can:

  • Donate to our cause
  • Become a Foster Parent (Contact us for details)
  • Adopt one (or more) of our animals (Ditto)
  • Help out at events or organise your own
  • Recycle your old unwanted gold, silver, mobile phones, etc. through us and Malaga Waste.
Keeping Your Puppy Safe


Having found your perfect puppy you do not want anything bad to happen to it. If it hasn't had its 3 vaccinations then you need to take the following precautions.

Puppies are vulnerable and diseases such as Parvo virus are rife in this country especialy with the number of strays roaming the streets. The survival rate is 50% but even if the pup survives the treatment is expensive and painful. It can take up to a year for the virus to be removed from soil, so if you have a pup die from it you cannot get another one. Puppies are also susceptible to other diseases. The following advice is taken from

Due to outbreaks of highly contagious and dangerous diseases, it is strongly recommended that you do NOT allow your pet to come in contact with other animals and that you do NOT expose your pet to areas where other pets may have been UNTIL AFTER your pet has received it’s ENTIRE SERIES of APPROPRIATE vaccinations!

KEEP YOUR PET IN YOUR HOUSE and/or backyard UNTIL it has received it’s full set of vaccines which will help produce and develop the proper antibodies which are necessary to best fight these serious diseases! That means NO walks, NO playing in parks, NO playing in the front yard, and NO visits to pet supply stores or friends homes or anywhere else!

Do NOT allow other animals to be brought into your home or yard which are not HEALTHY AND which have not been PREVIOUSLY & PROPERLY VACCINATED.

Obviously it is necessary that your pet go to a hospital or mobile vaccine clinic in order to obtain vaccinations. During this process, please observe the following precautions:

1) Carry your puppy in your arms or in a carrier. Always carry your kitten in a carrier.

2) Do not allow other dogs or cats (especially other puppies or kittens) to approach your pet.

3) Do not handle other pets without disinfecting your hands thoroughly prior to touching your own.

4) Remember that CLOTHING can also be a source of the Parvo Virus and other communicable diseases can be carried and transmitted from one pet to another. So if you think there was a chance you were in contact with a sick animal or one which may have been exposed to a virus, wash any clothes which were exposed to that animal as soon as possible. Do not leave them lying anywhere, including in a clothes hamper.

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