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January 2013 Update

2013 is already upon us - where did last year go??  I thought it was a good time to go through and look at our statistics since 21 October 2012:


v  67 dogs and puppies were looking for homes on our site (not including those from other animal organisations who we are always keen to help).  We have helped to find homes for 38 of them.


v  10 cats and kittens were looking for homes on our site (not including those from other animal organisations who we are always keen to help).  We have helped to find homes for 6 of them.


Plus 2 hens, 1 pig, a cockerel, a mule and a lost parrot!


Since 21 October we have spent 2,369 euros on vet treatment, vaccinations and neutering, and 190 euros on animal food.  Some abandoned animals need no more than worming and the usual vaccinations and neutering. Sadly others come to us with more serious problems. 


Our Animal Army is going from strength to strength.  This is a group of our supporters who are prepared to offer their time and help us in practical ways.  It can be something as simple as putting up posters in your local areas or being more involved by taking animals to vet appointments and helping us at our fundraising events.  If you would like to know more about our 'Animal Army' please get in contact - contact info at the end of this update.


We had the brilliantly successful Music Night in November, at the Royal Marrakech, and had stalls at 3 Christmas Markets where we rolled out our Tombola for the first time - it was a massive success. 


We have been working closely with the 365 vets near Velez Malaga, who have been brilliant and provided a massive amount of support and advice to us and saved many of our animals' lives.


All the animals we try to help are special, but some cases stick in our minds and hearts more than others.  Remember:


v  Periana Girl - she was found abandoned and half starved on the streets of Periana.  So sad, cold and lonely.  You could see her ribs and she wouldn't look anyone in the eye.  Blood tests showed that she had Leish and a few other problems.  She was adopted by Anna and is now known as Lola the Princess of Periana and is so happy, confident and healthy.


v  Little Super and Sol - 2 tiny kittens found in the bins of SuperSol supermarket.  Little Super had nasty injuries to his legs and for a time, it looked like he would never recover their use and be able to walk.  Thanks to the dedication and love of his foster family, he learned to walk all over again.  Both are now adopted and little super has continued to improve and now races around - his legs will always be a bit wonky but we think that makes him all the more special!


v  Queso - the little dog with the big grin.  Poor Queso was found abandoned but we managed to find lovely foster homes for him.  Sadly, he was let down by 2 families who said they were going to adopt him but changed their minds.  He is now living with his new mum in Scotland and is treated like a prince.


v  Phoebe - she was the little kitten that got herself trapped in the engine of an Audi TT car!! She was adopted and is growing into a stunning young kitty.


v  Leo - handsome young male cat - Leo was our very first international travelling cat and now lives in the UK with his loving family.


v  Molino - who can fail to remember the shocking photos of this lovely male Podenco.  He was so emaciated that he couldn't stand up. He also has Leish. The vets and his foster families have all pulled off a small miracle when you look how amazing he is now.  He will be travelling to the UK at the end of Jan where his new family are desperately excited, and are waiting to meet him.


v  Little Bindi - a beautiful tiny white kitten rescued by some Spanish children.  Sadly she was to weak to fight the pneumonia that claimed her.  If only she had come to us a couple of days earlier she may have stood a chance. Her last few days were filled with love and care from her foster mum, and she stole all our hearts.


v  Ludo - a beautiful miniature poodle type who was rescued from a hard life in the campo.  He is now adopted and has a new sister, Cassie (the motorway puppy).


v  Puppies - sadly, puppies continue to be found dumped in the bins and found abandoned.  We are hopeful of re-homing them all!


These last few months have seen some of our wonderful animals being adopted in the UK and Europe as well as here in Spain.  We continue to build links and relationships in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Holland and hope to increase the numbers adopted abroad this coming year.  We have also been working with other animal rescue groups in the area.


We have seen an increase in the number of people offering to foster for us, which is wonderful.  We don't have a shelter or kennels where we can look after animals, so rely 100% on foster families to care for the animals and give us the time to find their forever homes.  We still need more foster families and currently have 3 or 4 urgent cases that we don't have foster homes for yet.  If you would like to know more about fostering please get in contact - details at the end of this update.


So .... what does 2013 hold for us?   Our priority has to be to continue to raise as much money as possible to continue our work, and we have some exciting fundraising activities planned.  Join us at Chez Spice (near Los Romanes) on Friday 1 March for our fabulous Bollywood night - only 10 euros per person to include a meal and entertainment.  We will be holding a big car boot sale soon and also have plans for a Treasure Hunt, Murder Mystery night and lots lots more.  We will of course be holding our 2nd Annual Feria del Campo and dog show in the Autumn. 


We have been working hard to identify clear aims and objectives.  Whilst we would like to take on the whole world and rescue every animal in Spain, we know that isn't achievable.  We have to restrict our work to those animals found within the Axarquia area.  These are the specific aims and objectives that we will be focusing on:


v  to help stray and abandoned animals in crisis and find them foster families and forever homes, ensuring animals in foster care are vaccinated and neutered, as well as providing emergency treatment for strays;


v  to provide a forum, via Facebook and our website, to encourage and raise awareness of the plight of abandoned and stray animals;


v  to provide advice and support to people who find stray and abandoned animals;


v  to actively encourage, facilitate and promote neutering programmes and responsible pet ownership.  We will be talking to local town halls to see how we can drive this forward;


v  awareness campaigns of the plight of abandoned and mistreated animals.


As well as many exciting things ahead we still have significant challenges:


v  how to keep donations coming in when we know that times are financially tough for people;


v  the helipad cats in Periana are still under real danger and threat from local yobs with their pitbulls;


v  to continue to develop our FB sites and website;


v  increase awareness and publicity of our work;


v  find more foster families to enable us to cope with the increase in animals in crisis;


v  improve our re-homing rate.


With your support we have achieved so much in such a short time.  But, a lot of real hard work lies ahead to enable us to continue our work and to increase the number of animals that we can help in our area.


The level of support and help we have received from our supporters has been mind blowing.  We could not have achieved a fraction of what we have without the support of local vets, businesses and people.  Our wonderful foster families continue to be the key element that let us carry on with our work - without them we could not have helped a fraction of the 161 animals we have re-homed in the past 12 months or so. 


Can you foster, adopt, donate or support?  If so we would love to hear from you.  We now run a weekly stall at the Friday Market at Chiringito Antonio in Puente don Manuel every Friday from 10 - 2.  So come down and see us or you can contact us via:


Email:         [email protected]






Phone:        Diane McClelland          664 585 275 (English)

                   Maria Jose Martin         610 687 018 (Spanish)

                   Dr Heike Sinseck          622 112 724 (German)


Donations can be made with PayPal via our website or direct to our bank account:


Cajamar account no. 3058 0769 48 2720023615


IBAN ES13 3058 0769 4827 2002 3615



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